HCC 741: Assistive Technology and Accessibility

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Chapter 5: Funding AT (due 9/18/12)


Chapter 5: Funding Assistive Technology Services and Systems


Author: amyhurst

Assistant Professor at University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) in Human-Centered Computing and Assistive Technology

7 thoughts on “Chapter 5: Funding AT (due 9/18/12)

  1. To ask people who use expensive assistive technology, if getting funding for their device is a long process or a short one and what their hurdles were when procuring their device?

  2. Shouldn’t some AT devices be automatic in acquiring rather then forcing a user to go through such a lengthy process? How can we make this process simpler? Is the answer to simply avoid the governmental process and find outside sources of funding…

  3. How do differences in funding legislation between countries impact a person who needs AT when moving to another country/region?

  4. I am also curious about the differences in funding when someone moves to another country. I am especially curious about how veterans benefits are affected between countries.

  5. I wish other developing countries had access to some programs like this. Will make life a lot easier for people with disabilities out there.

  6. I noticed that the book mentioned that the social aspects of the use of assistive technology can often be the most important to the user. The book also mentions that use of assistive technology can lead to further stigmatization and sometimes not be accepted by society. What does everyone thin about this? I was trying to think of an example of this occurring?

  7. It’s interesting to me that basic human functions aren’t unalienable rights. If you are not born with the ability to hear and you would like to hear, shouldn’t it be your right to that assistive technology, rather than an invitation to apply for funding? I understand there has to be a regulating body, but I guess I’m a little bit socialist in that regard.

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