HCC 741: Assistive Technology and Accessibility

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Participatory Design with Individuals who have Amnesia (Due 10/2)


download the paper here.


Author: amyhurst

Assistant Professor at University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) in Human-Centered Computing and Assistive Technology

7 thoughts on “Participatory Design with Individuals who have Amnesia (Due 10/2)

  1. What kind of mobile applications are made for people who are amnestics and what their success rate is and feedback given for these kinds of applications. 

  2. It seems like the authors just implemented strategies in grade school classrooms with reviewing information. How can the methods discussed in this paper be extended to push the boundaries more?

  3. What other types of disorders might lend themselves to successful participatory research? I wonder if early stages of dementia would yield similar results to this case study.

  4. What other memory support techniques could have been used in this study?

  5. Can the findings of this paper really be stretched into “more ordinary situations”? For someone without amnesia it seems like this would be total information overload.

  6. It will be interesting to see how this research evolves in the future, and the methodologies they would use to achieve quality results if they work with severely impaired amnestics who can hardly retain any information vs in this study where they used people that their impairment was not so severe.

  7. The most interesting part of the paper was the discovery that memory loss can sometimes be a benefit in design. But since memory loss is inconsistent at times, can this discovery really be used effectively?

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