HCC 741: Assistive Technology and Accessibility

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Real World Pointing Problems (Due 10/9)


Understanding pointing problems in real world computing environments.


Author: amyhurst

Assistant Professor at University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) in Human-Centered Computing and Assistive Technology

6 thoughts on “Real World Pointing Problems (Due 10/9)

  1. A good discussion topic is to talk about examples of assistive technology that adapts to user’s performance

  2. What are some possible ways to study real-world errors other than focusing on low-level events? For example, could a user be encouraged to possibly thing out loud while they are working? Would this skew from the “real world” goal of the evaluation?

  3. How can real-world pointing performance transfer to gesture and clicking performance using mobile devices?

  4. Why didn’t this study take into account GOMS or KLM? Do they not apply “in the wild”?

  5. It was not clear what the real world use of the data could be. Can this data help them design better pointing devices? Can they use this data to recommend/design different pointing devices to people with diferent disabilities? I couldn’t really deduce from the paper, what some real world uses of the data was, and based on their analysis, I could only imagine that their data could produce better real world design than “lab-gathered” data – I just couldn’t tell exactly how it was going to accomplish that.

  6. Understanding Pointing Problems in Real World Computing Environments raised some very insightful questions on experiment techniques. Are real world observations more effective/reliable than controlled laboratory experiments all together?

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