HCC 741: Assistive Technology and Accessibility

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Tilt Text (Due 10/9/12)


TiltText: using tilt for text input to mobile phones.


Author: amyhurst

Assistant Professor at University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) in Human-Centered Computing and Assistive Technology

7 thoughts on “Tilt Text (Due 10/9/12)

  1. Discussing the many different text inputs for touch phones out today.

  2. Mobile phone’s (iphones or Andriod) have software implemented keyboards, the touch sensitive screen has an image behind it to tell what the button is, is there a way of modifying the keyboard software so it gives vibration feedback or audio so you don’t to use the keyboard. This could be used if someone is blind.

  3. As a big fan of physical keys, this may have been frustrating for me to use, but I have to admit that this is a pretty nifty tool. I wonder why this techniques never became mainstream (at least not to my knowledge). What is the additional cost of including the sensors in the phones? Are there any health implications to having the tilt sensors close to the body? What are the long term effects on the wrists from the continuous tilting? Does this technique allow people with disabilities in the hands or even arthritis of the wrists to use it?

  4. In concept, this is a cool idea. But since this isn’t mainstream yet, if seeing someone do this in a public space, will we automatically perceive they have a disability or that they’re using a new tool? In general, what do people think of others using novel input methods – do we see it as a good or bad thing?

  5. Why didn’t this input method become widely adapted? We jumped from phone keypad input to touch screen input in the form of a virtual keyboard. Are there advantages to the physicality of the phone keypad? Is the virtual keypad limiting in any way?

  6. This paper made me think back to the days of T9 phones (The Dark Ages)! I wonder if research like this is what prompted industry to include tilt sensors (gyroscopes) in most phones now?

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